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Our Story

Nothing makes us here at New Magnolia Garden Center smile more than healthy plants and people. 

We view gardening as a way for all plant lovers to share good stories, eat delicious veggies and relax while enjoying the scenery. Because of our love for the planet, we practice eco-friendly and organic gardening techniques. We also enjoy taking on creative projects like themed gardens and finding alternatives to turf.

For those who feel as though they do not have a green thumb, fear none! We are here to get you on the right path. 

About the Owners

Tia is the founder of New Magnolia Garden Center Inc. She discovered her passion for plants when she purchased her first home and fell in love with manicuring her lawn and tending to her vegetable garden. Her love for gardening soon grew beyond her personal garden. Her next step was attending Triton College to study Horticulture and sustainable landscape design. Soon after, she graduated from Triton and opened New Magnolia Garden Center where she can freely share her love for plants. Tia envisions New Magnolia Garden Center as a place where fellow plant lovers can learn and share their knowledge. Tia’s goal is to use gardening as a gateway to connect people to each other and back to nature.

In 2020, Natural Healing Phase joined with New Magnolia Garden  Center and the 2 became one. Michelle has a passion for Earth Healing through Crystals, Meditation, Plants. Michelle believes that the Earth provides us with all that we need and as she takes care of us, we must in turn take care of Her. Michelle is a certified crystal healing and spiritual healing coach and offers crystal healing and spiritual healing sessions.